The Holidays

Tuesday, December 18th, 2018

Like many of you I have experienced the death of a loved one near holiday times and, sometimes, it makes it even harder.  Several years ago a longtime friend of Donna’s and mine died too young. It was a few days before Christmas and her kids’ question for me was, “Why this time of year?”

That night I wrote this poem.  I hope the story of Christmas and the experience of your loved one’s passing can speak to your hurting heart during “this time of year”.  By the way, it doesn’t matter what time of year you experience grief, or who it was that passed, Christ’s coming can bring healing to your pain.

Not This Time of Year!

I can only imagine the stir in Heaven,

    When plans were made for The Son to descend.

“Not this time of year,” an angel reasoned,

    “It will be too painful; we’ll always be reminded,

When the Star was so bright we were almost blinded.”


“For every time it comes back around,

    Our hearts will grow weary and began to pound,

With remembering His presence,

    And the Light that shown around.

“No, not this time of year, the others joined in.”


But when time did come, in a manger so low,

    He was greeted by His mother all aglow.

And the world learned to sing, on that silent of nights,

    Joy to the World,

The Savior has come to save us from sin!


I can only imagine how you might have felt,

    As plans were made for your mom to ascend.

“Not this time of year,” came your family’s demand,

    “It will be too painful, we’ll always be reminded,

When lights glow so brightly around us.”


“For every time the calendar comes around,

    Hearts will grow weary and begin to pound,

With remembering her presence,

    And the joy she brought us.

“No, not this time of year,” the others joined in.


But when she ascended to that city so clear,

    She was greeted by The Father and peace came near.

And she joins in a song of glorious cheer,

    That stirs your spirit from within,

The Savior has freed her from the sting of sin!

                                                                      by Jeff Messer

Merry Christmas and as always I am praying for you!

Chaplain Jeff