Senior Tip of the Week – Expectations As We Age

Wednesday, May 15th, 2019


Hello, my name is Sarah and I’m a registered nurse. And I wanted to give you a few tips on what to expect with the elderly and the aging process with regard to sensory deficits that pertain to the visual perception and auditory perception. First of all, of course as we age our eyesight is going to change and one of the things most frustrating for the elderly is when they can’t read anymore. A couple of tips on reading: a background that is black with white letters is probably one of the best visual tips. And with the new electronic devices that are available, you can set a background and a font color. And reading can definitely enrich their lives, so far as fiction escaping from reality, or current events, political events, religious reading – that sort of thing. So certainly consulting a visual specialist with regard to how they can help with visual loss can be a great thing for them. Second, the auditory changes that they are going to go through, they are obviously not going to be able to necessarily know what you’re saying if your back is turned to them. So it’s very important to face them, speak slowly but clearly. You certainly don’t need to dumb down your language or talk down to them as if they were a child because their intelligence is still intact. So those are a couple of things to expect, probably the most underlying thought is to be patient and understanding. And stop, look and listen and think about what they are going through and find ways that you can help them to enjoy the golden sunset years of their life. Thank you.