Care Plans

Shortly after admission our team will communicate with you and your family members to develop a Care Plan. When a patient isn’t able to effectively communicate, family members are a valuable source of key information that will help the patient feel comfortable and get as well as possible.  


Care Plan Meeting

Every effort is made to schedule the Care Plan Meeting to accommodate the availability of the patient and family, so that all can participate in the development of the Care Plan to the fullest extent possible. Family members and/or the patient representative are encouraged to participate in the meeting.

The Care Plan Meeting involves our Interdisciplinary Care Team which includes, but is not limited to, the following professionals:

  • Nursing Representative
  • Social Worker
  • Therapy Representative
  • The Administrator, Director of Nursing, Attending Physician, and others as needed

As an interested family member, this is your opportunity to get your questions and concerns answered. We’re here to help, and we understand what an anxious process this can be.  That's why we take our time communicating the details of your loved one’s care, the ways you can assist in their recovery, and what to expect along the way.


Get Well and Go Home

Discharge planning at Bivins Pointe is initiated upon admission and provides a road map for returning the patient to their home and prior level of function, or to the highest level of function possible.

The discharge outcome goal is a reflection of the professional opinion of the team based on the initial evaluation, and is open for change based on the patient’s progress. The discharge outcome goals will be developed with our patients and their family’s goals in mind.


Outpatient Care

Our outpatient program – Bfit is designed so that our patients can return to our therapy clinic for continued therapy if needed.