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What Is A Typical Day Like In A Senior Rehabilitation Facility?
Posted By: Becky Davis - 12/8/2017 12:00:00 AM

After a surgery or injury, you or a loved one may require in-patient rehabilitative therapy to assist with the recovery process. If you have never been to therapy in one of these facilities before, you may wonder how a patient lives while staying there. All facilities that specialize in rehabilitative care have the goal of returning the patient to their home as soon as possible. Although a patient's stay at a rehab facility is short, it is beneficial to know what amenities are available and what a typical day there is like.

Amenities offered at rehab facilities

Short-term care facilities often offer patients private rooms to stay and sleep in. Visitors are welcome at any time, so you or your loved one's stay can be as comfortable as possible. Technologies like Smart Bed functions ensure the safety of patients while they are asleep or resting. It is also common for patients to be provided with cable television, an in-room telephone, daily hygiene items, laundry and housekeeping services, and events.

Services provided by senior rehab facilities

Senior rehabilitation facilities provide physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, skilled nursing, and rehab services. Some even provide access to a gym for outpatient and inpatient exercise and therapy services. Healthy meals are also provided to patients that are tailored to their dietary needs.

The daily life at a senior rehab facility

You or your loved one's care team will establish a schedule for necessary rehabilitation therapies needed throughout each day. The skilled nursing staff will assist patients with grooming and dressing tasks each day. Necessary medications will be dispensed as needed throughout the day, as well. Patients are taken to their therapy appointments with skilled staff, where family members are even encouraged to join their loved ones.

Many rehab facilities offer fun events for their patients. These events include live music, movies, and games such as crosswords, board games, and card games. Activities, crafting, and demonstrations for patients can also be included in these events. You, your loved one, and their care team can arrange a fulfilling schedule that includes both fun events and therapy throughout the day.

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