Senior Tip of the Week: Power of Attorney
Posted By: Kelli Bullard - 1/31/2020 12:00:00 AM


Bekah McWhorter, social worker at Bivins Pointe, offers information about a medical power of attorney. This document is highly recommended because it allows you to put your wishes on paper and talk to your family about them ahead of time. In case anything happens to you and your health, your family will know your wishes and not be put in a stressful position trying to make decisions on your behalf without knowing exactly what you want. You can find these forms online or you can have an attorney help you fill them out.  Basically, you designate someone to make decisions on your behalf.  There’s also a place for two alternates.  In the event that the person you designate to make decisions for you is also incapacitated or unavailable, then there are two backups. Anytime you’re in the hospital – sick or having surgery or anything like that – anything you can do to alleviate stress or any burden from your family is always a good idea.