Questions To Ask A Rehabilitation Center Before Your Parent’s Surgery
Posted By: Becky Davis - 10/3/2018 12:00:00 AM

Your parent's stay at a rehabilitation center should be booked before surgery and you should plan for their stay. The right skilled nursing care or rehab facility could mean the difference between a trip back to the hospital and a successful recovery.

The best way to plan is to create a list of available options. You can do an online search for care providers in your area to start. Another good resource is your parent's friends who have had surgery recently. This information will help you narrow down the rehabilitation facilities that can meet your parent's needs. The following questions can also help when choosing a post-surgery rehabilitation center.

Can you pre-schedule a stay at the rehabilitation facility?

Eliminating worry for yourself and your parent should be the goal of setting up care before their surgery. It is likely that your loved one is already having some anxiety about their procedure. Having everything organized before the hospital stay will give both of you one less thing to worry about. Having post-op care arranged beforehand will also make the transition from hospital to recovery much smoother. Be sure to ask the rehabilitation center if they will be able to schedule your parent’s stay when you need it.

What types of rehabilitation therapy are available?

Talk with your parent's doctor to find out what kind of therapy they will prescribe after the surgery. When you check out skilled nursing facilities, make sure that they can provide the therapy wanted by the doctor. They should have the necessary training and equipment to meet your loved one's needs during recovery.

What types of equipment are used?

When you tour a post-surgery rehabilitation facility, make sure to visit the therapy room(s). You should check that they have state of the art equipment that will meet your parent's needs and plenty of room for every patient.

Are the rooms and meals high-quality?

Good food and good sleep are essential for your parent to recover quickly. A variety of tasty, nutritious meals should be provided. If you can, try one of the meals when you visit the post-surgery rehabilitation facility. You should also tour rooms before making a choice. They should contain furniture that is inviting, comforting, and cheerful.

Are veterans benefits available?

If your parent is a veteran of any of the U.S. Armed Forces, they may be eligible for special health benefits including surgery, medical care needs, and therapy. Staff should have the proper training to handle the job of being an advocate for veterans. This includes knowing how to do the required paperwork and understanding how veteran care may differ.

How many days a week will therapy be offered?

Post-surgery rehabilitation is usually customized to each patient. You should make sure your parent can get the amount of care they need to keep their recovery on schedule. When you are choosing a rehabilitation center, make sure they offer services at least six days a week. Speech, occupational, and physical therapies should all be provided. If your parent will be staying in the facility, amenities and care should be provided seven days a week.

How are admissions and discharges handled?

The transition for your parent from the hospital, to the care center, to their home will be smoother if you have many options. Look for a place that offers admissions and discharges as much as possible (seven days a week is often best). This will prevent your parent from having to wait to begin their recovery or wait to go home when they are ready for discharge.

What is covered by my parent’s Medicare or Medicare Replacement Plan?

Ask what your parent’s insurance provider will cover. Usually, Medicare or a Medicare supplement plan will pay 100% of the first 20 days. But, there are exceptions and qualifications that can sometimes catch you off guard if you aren’t aware of them ahead of time. Be sure to ask the facility what they accept and if there is anything you should look out for with medical coverage.

What is the reputation of the rehab center?

Part of your online research about post-surgery rehabilitation facilities should include quality ratings, compliance with state and federal regulations, and scores for customer satisfaction. Find out if the center is Medicare and Medicaid certified. You can find a nursing home comparison on which gives star ratings for health inspections, quality, and staffing. It also includes an overall rating. If the facility is not considered a nursing home, try finding them on social media and reading reviews there.

Can the family be involved?

When interviewing staff at a rehab facility, ask about how they will work with your parent and how they will communicate with you or other family members. The more you understand and know about the recovery of your parent, the less worry you will have. Dealing with rehabilitation after surgery can be stressful, so your parent will be comforted to know you are there.

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