How Rehabilitation Therapy Promotes Independence And Wellness
Posted By: Becky Davis - 2/8/2018 12:00:00 AM

Seniors who take part in a healthy rehabilitation program can greatly benefit their personal well-being and make recovery from injury or surgery easier. Senior rehabilitation programs improve mobility, increase your strength, and provide you with a better sense of balance. Performing the proper rehabilitation exercises is also beneficial if you are experiencing chronic pain and find it difficult to move. Rehabilitation therapy is able to help you regain your independence and maintain a good quality of life.

Therapy for dealing with changes caused by age

As you age, you will go through many physical changes. These changes may increase your feelings of apprehension and make you feel nervous about performing daily tasks or exercising. Some of the changes you may experience are a loss of muscle mass and bone density, which can cause you pain.

The best defense for this loss and the best way to reduce pain is for you to stay active. If you become less active, you will lose more of your strength and reduce your sense of balance, which could cause you to suffer falls. Attending a senior rehabilitation facility can help you stay active by providing specialized training and exercises.

Occupational and speech therapy

Occupational and speech therapies are able to promote your independence and wellness in different ways. With occupational therapy, your therapist will focus on making it easier to take better care of yourself and perform everyday tasks on your own. Speech therapy will develop your communication skills and allow you to make yourself understood better by others. It will also help you chew and swallow more easily and increase your cognitive function.

Occupational and speech therapy can help victims of stroke or injury, as well as those who have undergone surgery. Rehabilitation therapists will help you understand how to safely perform daily tasks and how to heal while staying active.

Physical therapy for seniors

Physical therapy is often performed at rehab facilities after you have been treated for injuries resulting from a fall, or after surgery. The type of therapy you'll be asked to perform will depend on the type of surgery you've undergone and what you are trying to heal.

Physical therapy after having a broken hip will require you to learn how to balance and will help you regain strength in your legs. There will be a number of exercises you will need to perform to accomplish this outcome. To help reduce the risk of you falling again once you've recovered from this surgery, you should continue with endurance sessions to become even more resilient.

Getting this type of therapy after a stroke may require different and more intensive treatments. You may need to regain your sense of balance and improve your ability to walk so your risk of falling is reduced. Many patients who have suffered strokes will need therapy to help them perform daily tasks such as dressing or bathing. A stroke can affect your pattern of speech or ability to swallow properly as well, requiring you to seek help from a speech therapist.

Short or long term rehabilitation will play a vital role in your recovery process. If you want to regain an active lifestyle and continue to be independent, rehabilitation therapy is necessary to ensure you maintain your health and well-being.

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