Memories of Our Lives
Fish on the Fly
Posted By: Kelli Bullard

We love to hear stories from our residents about memorable events in their lives.  Recently, Joan Parker shared a good one.

“My husband loved to fish. He even brought his fishing rod on our honeymoon. I didn’t know it was in the trunk of the car!  

The first 25 years of our marriage, that’s all we did on our vacations was go fishing. When you have three boys, it’s just a natural part of life.

Our favorite place was Vermejo Park in New Mexico. One summer we were coming back from our trip, and we stopped in Raton to get a larger cooler. 

We dumped all the fish we had caught onto the sidewalk. There must have been over 100 fish.  Along came a guy who told us we couldn’t have more than seven fish per person.  He also mentioned that the game warden was in town.

So guess what we did?  We dumped all those fish back into the cooler and headed home! Thankfully we didn’t get caught, and we had lots of fish to share with our friends.”