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About Us


Bivins Philosophy

Bivins, a long-trusted name for senior healthcare in Amarillo, delivers uncompromising rehabilitation services through state-of-the-art methods. Set within an upscale, hospitality-driven environment, we guarantee a personal experience and outcomes that go beyond expectations.


Bivins Foundation

Since 1949, the Bivins name has set the standard for excellence in nursing care for both seniors and families. Today, the Mary E. Bivins Foundation provides programs and services that help the region’s seniors continue to lead fulfilling and dignified lives through direct care at Bivins Pointe.


Bivins Health & Wellness

Bivins Pointe leads the way in short-term rehabilitation care by offering innovative training techniques, professional expertise, and personal attention to every resident. Bivins has transcended to the next level of thinking in elder care— to help patients return home healthy as soon as possible and, most importantly, minimize hospital readmissions.


Rehab & Recovery

Bivins Pointe’s sophisticated community of medical professionals—Care Partners—provides rehabilitation that addresses each resident’s daily health needs through the use of the latest technologies, best practices, and skillful compassion. What we offer goes well beyond what you might expect from a standard rehab facility.



Specially designed balancing equipment and exercises can help our residents prevent falls by improving their ability to control and maintain body position, whether moving or stationary.



Strength training helps our residents perform everyday activities, such as climbing the stairs or getting out of bed, with greater ease and less risk of falling. The increased freedom of movement can have a substantial, positive impact on their quality of life.



Eating well is important at any age, but it’s even more necessary for elderly patients as their nutritional needs change. Our trained chefs and dietitians ensure exceptional (and flavorful) nutrition for a quick and healthy recovery.



Our doctors and staff are experts at preventing future health problems and identifying them at an early stage, which means our residents are more likely to live longer, healthier, more satisfying lives.

Excellence In Care

Our philosophy is simple: We fulfill seniors’ physical, mental, social and spiritual needs. Bivins lives up to the highest standard of all—yours.


Rooms with a View

Rooms are 350-square-feet and includes a large private bathroom. Also, includes views of landscaped areas, a wireless computer workspace, and transportation to medical appointments.


Together in Fun

Frequent visits from children and families are always welcome—and encouraged. That’s why you’ll find a children’s play area, intergenerational gardens, and numerous spacious areas where families, friends, and residents can connect.


Fresh Dining

The dining room at Bivins Pointe gives residents freshly-made meals prepared by our Culinary Center. Our Culinary Center employs expert chefs, including Chef Joey Neusch, whose knowledge and experience enhances the dining experience for our residents.





Our luxurious Serenity Spa offers a full selection of salon services.



With over 3,000 square feet of the region’s finest therapy space, Bfit uniquely caters to the senior community.



The Elizabeth Jane Bivins Culinary Center and Chef Joey Neusch provide nutritious, delicious meals daily.



Each patient’s journey to recovery is personally guided by well-trained, compassionate, caring professionals.



Complimentary transportation is available for each resident to and from medical appointments within the Amarillo area.



24-hour housekeeping services with daily linen and towel service are included.



On-site laundry services provided for long-term and rehab patients.



Our staff coordinates life-enriching events designed to stimulate both the mind and body.



Bfit is among the finest outpatient therapy clinics in the region. It is one of the only area gyms that caters specifically to the senior community, and provides complimentary transportation to and from Bfit appointments. Our clinic offers 3,000 square feet of therapy space equipped with state-of-the-art rehab equipment. Treatment areas consist of a large therapy gym and two private treatment rooms, each arranged with equipment that offers a wide variety of treatment services.

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If you would like to learn more about Bivins Pointe and the services available for you and your family, please complete the simple form below and someone from our healthcare team will respond to your request within 24-72 hours. If you need immediate help with questions or an admission from a hospital, please contact us at 806-350-2200 or 800-869-9391.

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